I believe that when you randomly come across wisdom meant to help others, you should share it. So with credit to a Reddit user who calls himself “Jockobutters” (and with apologies for the expletives) here are three ideas that I hope will change your life.
1. The human being is meant to bear the burden of 24 hours — no more, no less. If you live in the future, you will get anxious; if you live in the past, you will get depressed. Twenty four hours is all that you have to live in. Give up all the other burdens to the universe, to god, to your cat, to whatever – but the burdens of the past are not yours. The burdens of the future aren’t yours either. Let them go. The day is your material. It’s what’s in front of you, it’s the only thing that you have the power to change or to shape or to use. It’s your canvas. It’s your material. So use it well.

2. Happiness is not something you can pursue – but instead the byproduct of doing the right thing. We get so tripped up thinking that happiness is an end goal — and then get frustrated when it slips through our fingers. Instead, focus on whatever the right thing is – and happiness will follow. Feel like shit at the end of the day? Maybe it’s because you ate a tub of ice cream for dinner, forgot to call your mom back, blew off homework to play video games, etc. On the surface, those are all things that should make you “happy” – but I’ve found that when I’m feeling most depressed, its usually a factor of actions I either did or (more likely) did not do. If you’re passively waiting for happiness to wash over you like a wave — it’s not going to happen. Instead, take action, do whatever the “right thing” is, and that feeling of warmth and fulfillment will follow of its own accord.

3. The world’s idea of success is total shit. Don’t get sucked into it. On television, on the street, when talking with friends or family – it seems like everyone confuses the concept of rewards with success itself. Whether it’s money, fame, recognition, praise, sex, the rewards are not up to you — they are all dependent on someone else. Instead, think of success as sustained effort of will. It begins and ends with YOU, and no one else. Think of any fantasy or goal you may have — say you’ve always wanted to be a great artist. Imagine it. What does that look like? I guarantee you’re thinking about palling around in Paris with beautiful women and having your art work admired in galleries and being given the Nobel prize – basically you’re fantasizing about having been a great artist and not actually making the art. That way of thinking can totally mess you up because it once again puts the emphasis on passive recognition over active, sustained effort. The more you shift focus onto your own actions, the more you create sustained effort, and the more likely it is that the rewards will follow.

Lastly, as a bit of an addendum – it’s good to remember the difference between stopping and quitting. This helps me when I’m feeling a bit lost or down on myself — or during those times when I’ve just chucked these three ideas to the wind and sat on the couch all day instead. If you’ve ever strayed from what you feel you were supposed to do or who you were supposed to be – remember that everyone has to stop. Whatever it is we’re doing, whatever our grand ambitions are in life, we stop. We have to stop. We have to take a piss, or go to bed, or go on vacation, or we have a kid and not have much time to ourselves etc. But quitting is stopping without ever beginning again. So as long as you’re here, as long as you’re alive and pulling air through your lungs, you can begin again. And if you begin again, then you haven’t quit. So fucking begin again.


It makes you feel good.

Make it beautiful

Teresas garden
When you are surrounded by beauty, your mind is occupied with your surroundings in such a positive way, that sometimes you find it hard to be in a bad mood.

Decorate your office, landscape your favorite sitting area, or bring in fresh flowers to add beauty where you are, the payoff will benefit everyone who sees it!

When you find yourself faced with a project that is going to take more time or energy that you feel you can afford to spend,but that must be done, there is a simple way to get it done faster.

Take it to a place where nothing can stop you. Go somewhere no one can interrupt you, lock your door, turn off your phone and the sound on your computer and literally stick a post it note to your door that says, “No distractions!”

Distractions cost more time than you think. Each time you are interrupted, you lose the time the interruption takes PLUS time to get back on track. You gain minutes, even hours by eliminating the time sucking distractions! You can spend that time with your family or friends!

Not getting enough time with your family? Employ the same tactics. They are far more important than any project.


Everyone feels strongly about something. Some people feel so strongly that no matter what you tell them, if it disagrees with their stance, they won’t even hear it.
Those people are missing out on the truth about a lot of things.

When you listen with an open mind, you might not agree with the person stating the other side of the argument, but you might learn something you didn’t know.

The best decisions are based on all the facts and without those facts, people only make bad ones.

The next time you get into a discussion with someone, take time to listen for the facts in their argument.You may not agree, you may not even find common ground, but in the very least it will make you smarter!


At some point in our politically polarized society the word ‘sharing’ somehow became synonymous with ‘communism’. This caused great things to happen for manufacturers and people who had inherited a lot but did not want to pay taxes.

As a result we have developed into a society that shames ‘hand-me-downs’ of any kind and ostracizes and stigmatizes poverty.

What got lost in that association was that the idea of sharing takes very little from those who have a lot but gives so much to those who have little. Those who have little share with those who have even less. Eventually a lot of that gets back to the wealthy as those at the bottom purchase things produced by those at the top.

When people share with others on any level, everyone wins.

Expect great things

jumpHenry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
These words have inspired people to do more than they thought they could by encouraging readers to rethink their possibilities.
When you think you can, you try!!

Just for today, work at everything you do as if it’s a breeze. Take on things you’ve wanted to do with the knowledge that YOU CAN! When you succeed, just like with accomplishments from your past, you will move to accomplish even more.

Expect what you want and then go attain it.


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